Bottled Cocktail Bottling & Commercial Recipe Development & Formulation


So why make a bottled cocktail ?

We it  all dates back to 1862 to when the legend Jerry Thomas created the first club cocktails, pre made for faster service in his bars and saloons.


Jerry realised that to make a great cocktail its easier and faster to make in bulk and that they taste better as the cocktail flavours have time to merge & mellow creating a unique taste.

Another key factor in 1862 was finding good bar tenders was not easy, so pre bottling Jerry could get the perfect serve everytime.

Fast forward 125 years or so and nothings changed we are living in a age where speed and consistency is paramount, and a pre bottled cocktail can turn a glass washer in to an award winning bar tender with every bottle.

Bottled Cocktails will double the revenue and speed of any bar guaranteed !

Bottling Uk are experts in Bottled Cocktails,  we can take a bar recipe and can convert in to a commercial recipe and better still we can bottle it for you in our bottling plant based in London.

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